CWSRF Project Information Form

The deadline was Mach 3, 2014 for inclusion in the CWSRF Intended Use Plan's initial Project Priority List. This applies to new projects or for updates to existing projects.

However beginning with SFY 2014, entities can submit projects any time throughout the year. Periodically, the new projects will be grouped for processing and eligible projects will be rated, ranked and added to bottom of the project lists. While the open solicitation provides more flexibility, the funds set aside for additional subsidy (loan forgiveness) will most likely be utilized by projects which were included in the initial Project Priority List.

If you HAVE NOT submitted a project information form for your proposed project and would like to be added to an Intended Use Plan for funding consideration, go to Solicitation Packet and follow the instructions.

If you HAVE submitted a project information form and would like to update your proposed project, go to Project Update Forms and submit any necessary amendments.